Don’t Miss Out This 10 Things To do in Seychelle

21st June By James Smith

1. Anse Lazio: Best beach for Relaxing on this serene beach with clear crystal blue waters and granite boulders.

2. Anse Source D'Argent: one of the best beach on La Digue, great for snorkelling.

3. Anse Georgette: Pristine beach with clear water, perfect for snorkelling and observing marine life. Lush landscapes and a scenic golf course complement the serene setting

4 .Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve: Explore the UNESCO World Heritage rainforest on Praslin Island. 

5. Curieuse Island: Strictly protected island allowing Giant tortoises to prosper. 

6. Anse Coco Beach: Despite some climbing, it's worth visiting this beautiful beach. 

7. Beau Vallon Beach: Breathtaking palm trees arching over white sand. Great for leisurely strolls.

8. Grand Anse: Explore this scenic beach on La Digue. 

9. Anse Intendance: Soft sand, lush surroundings, and ideal for leisurely strolls and photography. 

10 - Snorkeling at Curieuse, St. Pierre, & La Farine Islands: Explore underwater wonders.