Top 10 Popular Road Trip Destinations in the U.S 

24 june by james smith

10. Pacific Coast Highway: Stunning West Coast drive from Olympia (WA) to San Diego (CA).

9. Route 66: Classic road trip Chicago (IL) to Los Angeles (CA). 

8. Blue Ridge Parkway: Scenic Appalachian Mountains drive in Virginia and North Carolina. . 

7.  Great River Road: Follow the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana. 

6. US Route 50: “Loneliest Road” from Maryland to California. 

5.  Oregon Trail: Pioneer path from Missouri to Oregon. 

4. Appalachian Trail: Epic hiking adventure through 14 states. 

3. Atlantic Coast: Explore charming towns from Maine to Florida. 

2.  Route 93: Drive from Montana to Arizona, passing through Glacier and Joshua Tree National Parks. 

10 Popular Road Trip Destinations in the U.S That Should Be on Your Bucket List